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We are glad to welcome you to our organization. We hope that it will help you to clarify all issues you are interested in and will provide the basis for reporting about our services, valuation activities in general and its main components. We are looking forward to a long and productive cooperation. Good luck!

About Us

Appraisal Company "Agency Peer Review", in force since 2008, provides professional services to assess all types of property.The staff that has extensive experience in assessment activities, specialized software and support reference materials used by leading appraisal and auditing firms throughout the country are part of the success of our organization and allow for many years to provide clients with regulatory and validated, accurate reports on the evaluation of various objects property.


One of the main assets of the company is a staff organization. Our specialists will perform an order of any complexity in the shortest possible time. All appraisers have a broad education, not only in assessment activities.


The most common types of evaluation include: personal property assessment, valuation of machinery, equipment and vehicles, assessment of the property (buildings, land, etc.), valuation of shares and other securities, valuation of intangible assets and intellectual property valuation value of the enterprise (business), damage assessment, estimating the cost of debt and revaluation of fixed assets. Assessment is based on established state standards of evaluation, reflecting the real cost of the project evaluation and is independent. For all legal matters for the evaluation can also consult with our specialists.

You need an assessment if you:

  • transfer the property in trust, 
  • pass property to rent; 
  • privatize the property; 
  • a leasing contract; 
  • a sale transaction; 
  • to insure the property from various insurance cases; 
  • obtain the necessary loan secured property; 
  • attract additional investment; 
  • Determine the tax base for fixed assets in the calculation of property tax; 
  • make to the capital of the organization share in the form of the assessed property; 
  • accurately determine the amount of damage from an accident, fire, bay, etc. ; 
  • make the division of property; 
  • draw up a marriage contract; 
  • enter into the inheritance of property (property valuation for inheritance); 
  • and resolve other contentious issues. 

Due to the fact that the market for valuation services is sufficiently developed, the likelihood of collision with low-quality services increases. If this has happened to you or if you did not accept the report provided by the other party with regard to contentious issues, our specialists will give you the services for standards-based assessment of the reviews of poor quality reports with a note of all the mistakes