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Score buildings


Score buildings Evaluation of buildings - one of the most popular services on the market today. The most common assessment of the building is ordered to obtaining a bank loan or determining the value of property for an insurance company. Also often evaluates buildings for capital contribution and in the accounting records of the company. Our experts estimated the company while performing work on the assessment of the building can be defined as the cost per square meter building, and the cost of rents.

The evaluation is advisable to provide an appraiser access to the building or premises. As a result, visual inspection, an appraiser can get the data that are missing in the submitted documents, which can not be taken into account in the process of drafting the evaluation report.

Valuation of buildings includes the process of collecting information on non-residential real estate market. It should pay special attention when selecting analogs on building type, ie built-in or free standing, location, engineering, the availability of parking, in what rightfully belongs to the land (the lease, ownership), the condition of the building. Assessment of the building can be carried out in respect of buildings of industrial, social or cultural purpose.

Valuation of buildings is conducted by:

  • Score buildings When buying and selling; 
  • To pass the building lease; 
  • Evaluate the building for security; 
  • At trial; 
  • When entering into the charter capital; 
  • Evaluate the building for tax purposes; 
  • For insurance of the building; 
  • The transfer of buildings in the operational management; 
  • When taking other economic decisions.

Sustained growth in the real estate market in Kiev and Kiev region has created a high demand for assessment services for buildings. Typically, the assessment of the building is ordered to consult with the transactions of sale or investment projects for the design of assessment of real estate in the capital of an enterprise to determine the insurance value for insurance facility, etc. and our company is ready to offer these services.

As for the assessment procedure, it consists of inspection of the building our specialist and report on the assessment - a standard document.

Report of the evaluation of the building will comply with all requirements of Ukrainian and international standards and have the status of an official document of evidentiary value.

The list of documents needed to evaluate the buildings:

1. Data concerning the legal status of the object (certificate of registration, title, property rights), including the exact address of the location of the object of evaluation;
2. For information about availability of encumbrances of real estate, including mortgage or encumbrance of debt, the presence of tenants, legal notices, agreements, contracts, agreements, special tax levies and other restrictions on the use of real estate;
3. Data on the physical boundaries of the object (a copy of a geodesic plan or maps indicating the locations and description of property);
4. Data on state lands, including documents proving the right to land (ownership, rental, etc.);
5. Data on property other than real estate, but to be assessed in the latter;
6. Technical passport TIB on the building (Floor plan and legend);
7. Other technical documentation on the object (design and construction documents for construction, reconstruction, explanatory notes, as well as other documents associated with the property appraiser and necessary).
8. Accounting Help on the book value of the building (if the owner of the building - a legal person).