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Score construction

Score construction

Today, one of the most important indicators of investment in fixed capital, housing and other programs is gaining market assets under construction. The investment potential of this market is huge.

Construction can be seen as a failed investment projects, where specific investors, are prone to high risk conditions unfavorable investment climate has not been able to achieve its goals. To return at least part of the investment, many of them are ready to abandon the current projects and to implement unfinished construction on the open market more enterprising owners. Practice shows that the estimate of unfinished construction at a cost cost does not represent the interests of the participants of the market. Therefore, market assets under construction here has long been in stagnation, and unfinished construction sites can not find an efficient owner. In a rapidly changing market conditions, evaluation of assets under construction - the problem is very urgent and complex, requiring appraisers from the expertise and experience.

Evaluation of assets under construction is made for:

Score construction

1. Staging facility under construction on the balance of the organization.
2. The definition of real market value of an object under construction, which reflects the construction and the market price situation.
3. By taking a decision on further use of the facility under construction. Answer to question the continued functioning of an object depends on its degree of completeness and the possibility of changing its operational purpose. Sometimes the frame system "unfinished" allows you to build on its basis a completely different building than anticipated ten or fifteen years ago.
4. With the reorganization of transformation (creation of holding company, departmental, Bankruptcy)
5. Purchase or sale of unfinished construction. Most new-found owner expect additional costs associated with paperwork, technical expertise and connections of various communications. Modern investors today are more willing to acquire the object under construction along with a package of documents in order.
6. However, to efficiently dispose of the land on which the subject is under construction. In most cases the value of the amount of land, which are objects of unfinished construction. With the evaluation can determine the options best use of land, on which the term construction

Typically, assessment construction applies to such objects as buildings or structures. In order to estimate construction was objective, it is necessary to correctly classify the object evaluation under construction. Assessment of construction uses several ways of classifying objects of unfinished construction. The most important for the appraiser is to classify in terms of availability have an unfinished object to act as an income property. Most of the buildings and facilities for public use, as well as residential buildings can be used as income property. Score construction of these types of uncompleted properties are usually expensive and uses the income approach.

Buildings and facilities for production purposes, in turn, can be divided into two large groups. The first group includes buildings and facilities, special purpose for which possible changes in functional virtually non-existent because of the characteristics of constructive solutions. The second group consists of objects that can be used to contain various types of productions, and, therefore, have a universal space-planning and design solutions. Evaluation of construction as objects belonging to the first group, used mainly cost approach. Evaluation of construction as objects belonging to the second group is determined using both costly and income approach. Score construction practically does not use an approach based on comparative analysis of sales. 

Score construction

Score construction allows the definition of fair market value of the object under construction, which reflects the construction and market price situation. Furthermore, assessment of construction can help to identify options for the most efficient use of land on which it has completed construction.

It should be noted that one essential element of initial permits are the conditions for engineering object, ie coordinated urban (regional) services, conditions for connecting the object to water networks, sewage, natural gas, electricity, etc. Typically, the technical conditions for engineer support projects under construction have limited validity. This period is an average of 3-5 years. If the duration of the initial permits expired or planned changes in the functional purpose of the object requires additional capacity in terms of engineering, the costs associated with obtaining a new set of initial permits, should be considered again.

The list of documents needed to evaluate the buildings:

1. Certificate of registration of ownership of the facility under construction (if the registration was carried out).
2. The documents confirming the right to land.
3. Permits for construction.
4. The overall explanatory note to the construction project.
5. Accounting Help on the book value of the building (if the owner of the building - a legal person).
6. The act of preservation is not completed construction of the object (if the object is conserved).
7. Відомості about наявність obtyazhen in об'єкта unfinished будівництва, vklyuchayuchi obtyazhennya Gate abo borgovimi zobov'yazannyami, i інших obmezhen schodo vikoristannya об'єкта.
8. Galuzeva належність об'єкта;
9. Date cobs будівництва that date закінчення будівництва;
10. Відомості about constructive системі будівлі (sporudi)
11. Dozvoleno річна потужність, scho споживається (water, electro-, gazopostachannya toscho)
12. Square of Zabudova;
13. Ступінь завершеності будівництва in цілому i on okremih constructive елементів okremo.