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Score premises


Score premises The present state of affairs in the office market is characterized as stable. Demand remains high enough. The main reasons for this are: economic development, consolidation of companies and the prerequisites for doing business in the global standards.

Office property of their specific concentration within the city. Since the office of any company - it's her face and the bulk of visitors to any organization formed an opinion about it primarily as office space and location, it is easy to conclude that the evaluation office is heavily dependent on its location.

The evaluation office or evaluation offices bought for different reasons. For example, in order to make a bargain sale, to make a property in the authorized capital of the enterprise, to take out a bank loan or take an important managerial decision. The most effective way of assessing office experts say the comparative method, based on a study of similar transactions, which, of course, does not exclude the possibility of using two different approaches (in brackets, it makes sense to write the names of these two approaches without the quotes. Expensive, and what there is), especially in if you can not get reliable information on a similar transaction made earlier. Offices are increasingly becoming the object of investing the financial resources, they are bought, sold, leased. Thus, today there are enough precedents that can be used in a comparative approach in assessing the office.

Whereas previously there were only a few factors affecting the cost of office in the evaluation, such as: office location, its size, ease of entrance - but now an increasing impact on the cost of providing a much wider range of factors.

Score premises The order of evaluation of the office:

1. inspection offices and gathering information about their physical characteristics;
2. analysis of the surrounding property;
3. analysis of office real estate market;
4. the choice of approaches and methods to assess the office because of its specificity;
5. direct market valuation of office premises;
6. compiling the evaluation report.

The documents required to assess the office:

1. The documents confirming the right to object (property, rent, etc.)
2. Documents BTI to an object (an extract from the technical passport, explication, floor plan)
3. For information about the presence of charges at the object (encumber or pledge debt obligations, the presence of tenants, legal notices, agreements, contracts, agreements, special tax levies and other restrictions on use), (if any)
4. Documents evidencing title to land (ownership, rental, etc.)
5. Information about the carrying value of the object, information about the utility payments and taxes
6. Permission for rescheduling, if carried out
7. The documents confirming the right of lease of land (in the case of registration of land relations)