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Flooded the apartment – floating things and a cat

Losses are always unpleasant. Even the word itself is already associated with a variety of stressful situations. But worse than the fact of the occurrence of unforeseen expenses, is the need to calculate them in monetary terms. And subsequently the protection of these calculations in a dispute in court.

The most common cases of damage are the flooding of an apartment and the car getting into a traffic accident. Less common are losses from fires, as well as a variety of “exotic cases” like the fact that a neighbor destroyed part of a disputed fence.

In some cases, damage assessment is a relatively simple procedure. However, it also happens that only a forensic expert of the highest class can assess the loss, and appraisers do not even undertake such work. We present to you a selection of thematic articles devoted to the assessment of various types of damage. We hope that you will find answers to your questions in them.