Transport Assessment

Different types of transport in one picture

To begin to define what falls under the category of vehicles. Thus, the focus of the evaluation of transport can be anything that can move people and goods within a certain distance, namely: bicycles and motorcycles, cars, trucks, cars specialist, housing and trailers, cars, buses and trolley buses, rail locomotives and rail rolling stock, industrial electric transportation, ships, aircraft and others.

Almost every owner of the vehicle, sooner or later faces the need or the need for professional peer review car. Situations where there may be a need of such an assessment, there are different.

Thus, the evaluation of the vehicle is at:

  • Buying and selling a vehicle on the market price;
  • Rent;
  • Calculating the value of collateral for credit;
  • Lease;
  • Division of property;
  • Joining the inheritance of transport;
  • The donation;
  • All kinds of trouble: an accident (as defined repair cost), or in determining the damages due to acts of third parties, or natural disaster, fire, flood and so on;
  • If the vehicle is owned by the company or organization, as fixed assets, the expert evaluation is needed to determine the starting price at auction (for the purpose of privatization or transfer in trust);
  • Determining the customs value of vehicles;
  • Elimination of production (business);
  • Need to sell vehicles
  • Development of enterprise development strategies, for determining the level of technical support, identifying opportunities for replacing or upgrading, recycling and so on.

To assess the vehicles using all three approaches: comparative, income and cost. Only for the assessment of vehicles most appropriate and acceptable is a comparative approach. To assess the need to provide the following information: name, make, model, series, serial number, the name of the manufacturer’s product data, inventory number, issue date, acquisition date and the date of commissioning, the main technical characteristics (according to the technical documentation) – power , weight, size, mileage. Also necessary is to provide information on cost and on the net book value of the vehicle and accrued wear, information on maintenance, operation, information about the repair (major, stream, prophylactic, etc.), defects, and signs of damage at the time of evaluation. This list is an estimate and may be shortened or extended in any given situation. It should also draw attention to the fact that a number of basic data needed for independent evaluation of the car (it usually does not concern new vehicles) can not be set by an expert. This is data about conditions before the study, data on the number of previous owners, mileage performance since commissioning and the data on the conduct and nature of repairs, data updating components of vehicle, for an improvement and so forth. It is therefore wise to be, if the contract will contain the positions, which will be underlined and highlighted the responsibility of the customer evaluation vehicle for the reliability of information given to them.

An independent examination, valuation of your car, truck avtomobilyai dugih types of vehicles is to report on the valuation of cars.

If you need to know as soon as the provisional value of your car (to evaluate the car), you will approach the online assessment on the Internet. which makes it possible to assess the car itself or consultation on the phone with Hashimi avtoekspertami. Dates for this examination regardless of the state car, whether second-hand old car with mileage, damage or rust, or else a new car, though less time compiling the report, but do not always reflect the market value of rs. The reason for this is primarily the fact that the expert did not have time to conduct a thorough review of the market vehicles. It is therefore welcome a direct appeal to the appraisal firms. In addition, there are cases in which the independent assessment of cars was necessary for the following purposes, such as: credit, confirmation of the value of the insurance company for a notary, for inheritance, for sale. Moreover, the advantage of full-scale evaluation report Sega’s what it is compiled by experts in a match with the standards established by the State.