Category «Non-Residential Property»

Evaluation of buildings and communications

The main water supply system was unearthed

Most often, the evaluation of networks and communications is ordered either by developers or OSBB. The main types of such facilities that we are constantly working with are: water supply, sewerage (including stormwater), heating networks, gas pipelines, power grids and street lighting. As well as a variety of related equipment.

Assessment of Construction in Progress

Unfinished cottage

Evaluation of objects under construction is a process that requires a meticulous legal approach to the issue. The fact is that the legislation in most cases “forces” appraisers to calculate the cost of such objects solely as the price of building materials, also minus depreciation.

Assessment of premises

Empty office space

For many of our clients, there is no difference between the concepts of “premise” and “building”. We can often hear “detached room” on the phone, although this is nonsense. A room is a part of a building, it cannot be detached. But the phrase “built-in building” for some reason is not in use. 🙂