Appraisal of property value

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Market prices are constantly changing under the influence of technological progress, market inflation and other factors. In addition, they are subject to the processes of inflation and deflation, ie, a periodic increase or decrease. Therefore, in a market economy, there is a constant need to assess all of the assets at current prices, implemented in those or other purposes at any arbitrary time.

Machinery and equipment are the technological basis of any enterprise. The goals and motives of their ratings are quite varied, for example, buying and selling, renting, leasing, mortgage, deposit (as property) in registered capital, etc.;

  • The machines and equipment are devices that convert energy, materials and information: Accelerators, equipment, facilities, equipment, tools, drills, cutters, dies, press, equipment;
  • Electric generators, stands, vehicles, containers, display cases, cabinets, centrifuges, chamber;
  • Boilers, pipes, filters, mixers, valves, pumps, baths, washing;
  • Engines, turbines, compressors, units;
  • Loaders, hoists, forklifts, pumps, tractors, cranes, elevators;
  • Agricultural machinery, cultivators, seeders, harvesters;
  • Air-conditioning, fans;
  • Hoists, trolleys, conveyors, elevators;
  • Machine tools, valves, presses, crushers;
  • Asphalt pavers, rollers, drilling machines;
  • Office equipment: computer equipment, office equipment, furniture;
  • Others

Given the fixed assets at book value, the company may be trapped in the distorted size of depreciation and tax on property. Very often such situations arise when the objects that change their value due to inflation or foreign production facilities, which cost significantly changed (for objective reasons), even taking into account the actual wear in the direction of appreciation.

Grading machinery and equipment includes a fairly wide range, specificity and the appointment of individual objects of movable property. Therefore for each specific case needs a special approach to the assessment, which determines the timing and cost of assessment work.

We provide assessment services for the main technological, support, office equipment (computer equipment, conference equipment, industrial and household equipment, including furniture), complete sets of equipment as a standard, and special equipment of own production. It is worth noting that violation of the terms of completeness reduces the estimated value of the object. We should distinguish between partial and complete loss of efficiency due to shortage of equipment being evaluated.

Professional evaluation of vehicles sooner or later require each owner of the car. Situations also vary in the degree of complexity. When dividing property in divorce spouses, inheritance, partition between his heirs, or in case of donation to determine the amount of tax or registration fee to the property, passing in inheritance, or gift. In cases of damages relating to a traffic accident assessment of vehicles produced, as a rule, insurance companies and organizations that focus exclusively on an assessment of vehicles.

The independent evaluator involved in the case of transactions involving vehicles by individuals or companies that have vehicles as assets. The transaction may be: sales, leasing, privatization, or transfer to trust management, the use of the vehicle as collateral, the resolution of property disputes, etc.

To solve the issue of price alone and avoid the errors that lie at every turn, rather difficult. It is much easier to apply to a professional appraiser, who for a fee will determine the cost of your personal property and detailed details about how and what influenced the formation of this value. The cost of the work of an appraiser will block your material and moral losses are independent and quite likely an erroneous appreciation of the property, as to consider all factors affecting the cost of unprofessional is not under force.

Fees for assessment of motor vehicles does not depend on the cost of facilities, as determined by labor costs assessor.