Hardware Assessment

Computer and home appliances for debiting

Score equipment includes an assessment of the value of virtually the entire spectrum of personal property objects – machines, appliances, automobiles, technology systems, production lines, power units, office equipment, furniture, household items and other objects that relate to movable property.

Equipment as an object of evaluation are objects of movable property. They must be distinguished from the real estate objects.

Assessment of the equipment is in the following cases:

  • Sale of machinery and equipment that have become redundant, not downloaded, physically or morally obsolete;
  • Disposal and recycling machines and equipment because of the impossibility or otherwise of their continued operation as a result of physical, obsolescence, natural disasters, etc;
  • Design collateral for some portion of personal property for economic transactions and credit;
  • Property insurance company;
  • Transfer of machinery and equipment rented or leased;
  • Definition of the tax base of assets for the calculation of property tax;
  • Implementation of an investment project;
  • Contribution to charter capital;
  • Confirmation of the customs value
  • Bankruptcy of the enterprise and the forced sale of its assets to pay debts to creditors;
  • Division of property (the collapse of the partnership or corporation section);
  • Registration received donated property;
  • Registration of spare parts from written-off assets;
  • Reassessment, etc.

Confirmation of the customs value, when importing equipment by a foreign investor for the purposes of contribution to charter capital of a legal entity.

The objectives pursued by the client, ordering an assessment of equipment, should be known to an appraiser to determine the type of value (market, liquidation, recycling, investment, insurance, reconstructive, scrap value) depending on the purpose of evaluation. In some cases, the customer can deliver not one but several purposes of assessing, for example, for insurance and to implement any investment project. Both of these goals are not mutually exclusive, and some procedures of examination and analysis of these two appointments will coincide, but the final results of the evaluation value of the equipment, in this case, the insurance and investment, will be different.

To carry out an accurate assessment and management cost of equipment and machinery necessary to organize a full and fair accounting. Our company is consulting for the organization of accounting of assets with existing assets tied to production – processing lines. Data such accounting provides information on basic parameters and technical characteristics of equipment, the quantitative, structural, and age composition and placement, traffic and use of equipment on the ongoing repair influences, to change the design of equipment and machinery as a result of modernization or reconstruction and technical checks of the equipment.

In the general case for evaluation of machines and equipment provided the following documents:

  1. Copies of contracts for the purchase (supply) equipment;
  2. The name of each unit;
  3. Mark (model, series);
  4. Country of Origin;
  5. The manufacturer;
  6. Year;
  7. Appointment;
  8. Main technical characteristics (performance, capacity, power, weight, size, mileage, etc. according to technical documentation);
  9. Intensity of use:
  10. Condition and the repair:
  11. Inventory number, complete, and the residual book value of the last reporting date before the date of assessment (if the owner of the object – a legal person).

In assessing the office and computer technology provided the following documents:

1. name;
2. brand (model);
3. configuration (brand parts):

In assessing the furniture provided the following documents:

  • name;
  • brand (model);
  • country of manufacture;
  • manufacturing company;
  • year;
  • main technical characteristics.

The list of documents is provisional and may be shortened or extended after detailed examination of assessor with the task to evaluate and list of property valuation.