Real Estate Appraisal

Real estate valuation in Kyiv

At the present stage of development of the property market in Ukraine uninitiated difficult to navigate in a rapidly changing environment transactions in transactions with such property as buildings, non-residential (commercial, industrial, office, industrial projects, garages), various buildings and construction in progress, residential property (apartments, houses and cottages). Rate this property will help our trained specialists.

Having information about value of the property makes it possible to correctly dispose of the property, funds, time to orient and profitably available capital or take out a bank loan secured by real estate to achieve the unreachable goals for financial reasons.


  1. Evaluation of commercial real estate
  2. Score Land
  3. Score construction
  4. Evaluation of residential property

Real estate appraisal is required if:

  • Getting a loan secured by real estate or part thereof;
  • Getting a loan secured by land, including agricultural lands;
  • Definitions for the land and other real estate for resolving property disputes
  • The definitions of value of land and other real estate for the transaction of sale, gift, exchange, rent, mortgage, inherit, lease
  • Privatization of property;
  • Estimates nedvizhimgo property as an intermediate stage in the overall assessment of enterprise value using the cost approach;
  • Make real estate as a contribution to the charter capital of another of an undertaking;
  • Determine the value of real estate to attract new shareholders and the additional issue of shares;
  • Definitions of property value for the evaluation of investment projects;
  • Definitions of property value for insurance;
  • Estimates of the damage caused to immovable property by third parties;
  • Definitions tax base for calculating the property tax;
  • Determination of the lease payments;
  • Determine the value of construction in progress;
  • Determine the value of depreciation of buildings and structures;
  • Determine the value of real estate for bailiffs.

Definition of the different kinds of value provides objective information on the real price of the object and will be useful when making decisions related to the commercial use of estimated object and control its market value.

A necessary condition for the formation and development of real estate market, is an independent valuation of real estate.

Real estate appraisal involves an assessment of property rights: property rights, tenure rights, lease rights, the right of economic management and operational management, asset management, the right of inheritable possession for life, the right of permanent (perpetual), taking into account mortgages, easements on the property, which refers to:

  • Residential (luxury housing, a model housing, urban housing, suburban housing, etc.);
  • Land (vacant land (for building or other purposes of land use), subsoil, isolated water bodies, natural systems for the exploitation of natural resources, etc.);
  • Commercial property (offices, warehouses, commercial premises, industrial premises, etc.)
  • Assets under construction (sites where work is underway, and objects, which for some reason stopped working (conservation, the complete cessation of construction);
  • Engineering (engineering and construction projects, intended to create and perform technical functions: mines, oil wells, roads, flyovers, dams, etc., or for services to the population: urban improvement and construction, etc.)

The evaluation process includes the following milestones:

  1. gathering information about the object of evaluation;
  2. real estate market analysis, the respective segments of this market and similar objects;
  3. calculations by using the appropriate occasion assessment approaches and methods of valuation;
  4. harmonization of the results of calculations;
  5. the result of real estate appraisal is an evaluation report – a written document that meets all the requirements of professional ethics, clear and accessible manner reflecting the assessment process and contain the appraiser used the original data, analysis, conclusions and final value cost.