Vehicle damage assessment

Traffic accident in Kyiv on the Boulevard of Friendship of Peoples

According to statistics, the number of road accidents is increasing from year to year, and such a procedure as auto expertise is becoming more and more relevant for car owners. Appraisal evaluates the damage that the vehicle received as a result of an accident, for further compensation for damage. The insurance company from which the CTP policy was purchased can offer much less compensation than the damage caused to the car. An expert examination and evaluation of the car conducted by independent experts will help clarify the situation.

Auto expert examination can also be carried out at the request of the opposite party involved in an accident, and in some cases the assessment of the car is overestimated. In this situation, a qualified examination of the car is also necessary. Auto expert examination and evaluation of the car is carried out not only based on the results of an accident, but also in cases of damage to the car from natural disasters, falling building structures, fire or actions of third parties.

Independent car expertise and car evaluation are included in the main services of our company, which has all the necessary licenses and certificates for conducting vehicle expertise. Autoexpertiza allows you to objectively assess the damage and ensure its compensation in full. Competent auto expertise conducted by highly qualified specialists will save you time and help you insure against unforeseen complications.

Based on the results of the vehicle examination, data are issued to assess the damage caused, on the basis of which the real amount of compensation is determined. If you do not agree with the car expert examination conducted by another auto-assessment company, we can offer an expert examination of the auto-expert examination report performed by our specialist, who will express his unbiased opinion. The car is evaluated by certified auto experts with extensive work experience. Our company employs both experts engaged in Independent Auto expertise and employees who specialize in the legal framework and monitor any changes in laws.

The results of an auto expert examination and evaluation of a car are legally binding and can be used to protect their rights in court. We do not cooperate with insurance companies – we conduct an independent auto expert examination, which reflects the real picture of the damage caused.

Assessment of damage caused to a car in an accident

What is the assessment of damage caused to a car in an accident? Independent Auto expertise is the determination of the amount of damage caused by vehicle damage (the cost of restoration). You will need an independent auto expert examination to determine the amount of damage received as a result of an accident.

Why do I need an independent auto expert examination (assessment of damage caused to the car)?

  • Your car was damaged in an accident and you need to determine the amount of damage.
  • The insurance company where the person responsible for the accident purchased a CTP policy offers you a payment significantly less than the amount of damage caused to you.
  • You are the culprit of an accident and believe that the damage assessment carried out by the opposite party is too high and you want to order an additional assessment.
  • Your vehicle has been damaged as a result of a natural disaster, fire, falling snow, building structures, actions of third parties, and you want to conduct an assessment to determine the damage.

Why should you conduct an independent auto expert examination?

As a rule, when contacting an insurance company, you will be referred to valuation companies with which they cooperate and trust (such as “independent”) and are located nearby. Assessing the damage after an accident, in an “independent” appraisal company, to which employees of many insurance companies are sent, you voluntarily find yourself in an absurd situation: the debtor (an insurance company with its own appraisal company) determines the amount of its own debt to you. Almost all car owners who have been involved in road accidents have faced the consequences of such an assessment in recent years.

We can offer you:

  • Independent appraisal (assessment of damage caused to the car);
  • Repeated Independent Auto-examination (in case of discrepancies with the assessment made in another organization, for example, in an insurance company);
  • Calculation of loss of commodity value;
  • Representation of interests during an independent expert examination (for example, if you doubt the competence and impartiality of an “independent” expert offered by an insurance company);
  • Advice on repair standards (for example, if you assume that the repair organization overestimates the volume and cost of work);
  • Departure of an expert to carry out work.