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We are glad that you have visited this section of the site! Here we have collected informational articles that are devoted to determining the value of property of various types. We are talking about movable property here, since information about real estate is so specific that it was logical to place it in separate categories.

Also note that if you have a need to evaluate a car or any other vehicle, we have also created special thematic sections under this question.

Instead, here we collect useful articles that cover general issues of determining the market value of property that does not relate to real estate or vehicles. The site is constantly filled with new content so that you can get up-to-date information on the widest range of issues related to conducting property valuation.

Valuation of property

Assessment of various properties

Clients often turn to us with a request to “evaluate the property”. The appraiser’s first question is always: “What kind of property are we talking about?” After all, it can be real estate, a car, and a laptop.

Hardware Assessment

Computer and home appliances for debiting

Equipment from the point of view of the appraiser is a fairly broad concept. This includes not only production lines, machine tools and complex tools. But also office, computer, household appliances, various electronics and other property.

Appraisal of property value

Supermarket checkout

The very word “property” is interesting because it is never clear what exactly it is about. After all, property is real estate, a car, and any other thing that belongs to someone and has some value. Therefore, different approaches to determining the cost are used.