Valuation of property

Assessment of various properties

Property – have utility facility ownership or use of physical or legal persons. In other words, the property is a set of property rights of a particular legal or natural person. Property complex – a complex of property rights of a legal person, all the objects involved in carrying out entrepreneurship.

Valuation of property throughout the world is regarded as one of the mechanisms for the effective management of the property. Everyone who intends to exercise its rights of the owner, there are a number of issues, most important of which – the question of the value of the property.

As a consequence, the assessment of property or the property complex is the most comprehensive type of evaluation includes an assessment of real estate, machinery and equipment, vehicles, investments, intangible assets and so on. When evaluating a property complex, except for the assessment of all parts of the property complex is necessary to consider the so-called synergies.

Uncommon property assessment or property complexes in transactions of sale. Despite the fact that the purchaser and seller are free to determine the price (unless otherwise provided by law), the independent evaluation will determine the real price target (market value) on the sale of an object that exists on the date of the transaction. The presence of a report by an independent appraiser will certify to the parties whose interests may affect the transaction (shareholders of the company, the higher organizations, government agencies) that the transaction of sale was carried out faithfully, every party to the transaction had acted in the interests of their party and was unaware of the real market situation , the real market value of the property sale and the cost of similar objects.

Valuation of property complex is important for:

  1. Potential buyer and the seller (individuals and legal entities) in determining reasonable rates of objects of the transaction – the sale, exchange, other disposition;
  2. Creditors when deciding whether to grant credit;
  3. Landlords, in setting the rent, taking into account the market value of the lease;
  4. Owners of land (for example, when laying roads for land plots in private ownership may be required score is proper to challenge the authorities on the proposal “just compensation”);
  5. State and society in general, privatization and market development related facilities costs.

In addition, the valuation of property complexes can be carried out in order to correctly reflect the accounting, with contests and auctions, bidding for the transfer of facilities to asset management and leasing; repurchase, forfeiture, seizure, liquidation, merger, absorption, resolving property disputes, the transfer of rights property, assignment of debt, making property in the authorized capital, investment planning, commercial concessions; damages storage, preparation of marriage contracts, etc.