Damage assessment

Jew shows losses

Damage – there are costs incurred by legal or natural person to remedy the loss of or damage to the collective or personal property.

In order to determine the amount of damage (to determine the cost of necessary repairs or repairs), to protect and defend their rights should be timely to make a professional expert assessment of damages. It often happens that as a result of what happened misfortune man falls into a state of panic and just can not adequately assess the situation, take the right steps, and often commit wrong actions. Therefore, if your property was damaged (consciously or unconsciously), or you have suffered from illegal actions of third parties should immediately consult specialists to assess damage wrought by you. It experienced specialists, appraisers in a short time and observing all necessary rules, there is a need in such cases acts, will make inspection of property, which has been devastated, will identify the perpetrators of the incident, a report of the cost of damage.

Here are the most common situation in which the required professional assistance specialist appraisers. The most common – is the assessment of damage caused by flooding (Gulf) of residential and nonresidential facilities and assessment of damage from the fire (fire) in residential and nonresidential facilities. Followed: cases involving damage to property, when seized property by the court, the resolution of property disputes in court, with seizure of property for municipal or federal requirements, evaluation of damage to a violation of rights (the production of counterfeit goods); estimate the cost of damage (loss) from industrial accidents; valuation of damages associated with the collapse (partial collapse) constructions of residential and nonresidential buildings (structures), evaluation of profits (breach of obligations under economic contracts) and so on.

The most common situation – the flooding of residential and nonresidential buildings. With this you can be both victim and the guilty party (that is, whose fault occurred intsendent). And that in both cases is to apply to specialists. The most typical situation: you sunk top neighbors (tenants or office, company, etc.). In this situation, should immediately call a specialist from the appropriate public services for the preparation of an act of the bay and find out the cause and culprit of this trouble. Signal to the perpetrator and, preferably, in its presence (or in the presence of his representative), in conjunction with a representative of the independent evaluation organization of inspection of property has suffered damage. Next, to provide (deliver) the person responsible for a report on the cost of damage. In case of disagreement the culprit to pay damages on a voluntary basis, is to file a lawsuit in court at the location of immovable property. Evaluation may be needed also in the event that flooding the downstairs neighbors happened is your fault, and you require a fabulous amount, with no sound, no case has already gone to trial, and you have decided on the need to engage an independent expert for a qualified and reasonable assessment of the damage. Timely expert analysis and assessment of damages would fairly and safely resolve the conflict with your insurance company in case of possible differences in determining the amount of insurance payment, and that no small thing, keep your nerves and health. Remember that an independent expert assessment – a documented, official document, which the court accepted as evidence for the size of compensation payments.