Evaluation of non-residential property

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The cost of capital invested in real estate, changes over time under the influence of factors such as inflation, the level of demand, physical, functional and economic depreciation. That’s why when deciding to invest in property value assessment is determining the commercial real estate. Commercial real estate is any real property, which can generate revenue, and therefore, sometimes referred to as revenue.

Evaluation of non-residential real estate is one of the most common types of assessment currently includes the determination of the value of ownership or other rights, such as lease rights, rights of use, etc. An independent evaluation of the commercial real estate – the definition of its current market value.

We offer services to assess the following kinds of commercial real estate:

  • Commercial Real Estate
  • Office Property
  • Property Warehouse
  • Manufacturing Property

Evaluation of commercial real estate into account the amount of income, risk and time associated with his receipt, evaluation takes into account the many factors affecting the ability of real estate earning (location, condition, quality, functionality, etc.), special interest presence or absence of various charges assessed sites. Evaluation of commercial real estate is based on three basic approaches: cost, income and comparative.

Market value estimates of commercial real estate site – the most probable price at which the object of evaluation may be alienated in the open market in a competitive environment, when parties to a transaction acting reasonably, having all necessary information, and the magnitude of the transaction price does not reflect any extraordinary circumstances.

Despite the increased cost of commercial real estate, decline in demand is forecasted by analysts. Commercial real estate today is enough liquidity facility. When making the purchase, sale, transfer facilities in the mortgage, you need to apply to experienced appraisers to perform an independent evaluation.